Rainy Milo at the Notting Hill Arts Club review

On a freezing, bleak Wednesday evening, you could be forgiven for thinking the best option would be to grab a rug and cosy up on the sofa. However, The Notting Hill Arts Club had other ideas. In the small adjoining rooms of the club, local music enthusiast drifted through awaiting the return of the southeast London girl. Rainy strolled onto the little stage and begun swinging in time to the mellow beats that were gradually filling the space. The gauze was dropped and Rainy Milo asserted her return to the stage with an authority that suggests her two-year break was well spent.

Rainy started with a mix tracks from her 2015 album ‘This Thing of Ours’. A relaxed vibe filled the air with a mix of R&B and hip-hop fused with jazz lines that run throughout her music. I momentarily forgot about the icy evening, as a jazz bass mixed with a tropical overtone (‘Bout You’) played homage to sunnier climes. Rainy’s sultry vocals have maturity well beyond her age. Yes, it was quite a shock, when this statuesque woman showed signs of her 21 years through a shy commentary asking the audience “Do you guys mind if I play my latest track… I haven’t performed it live yet.” Naturally this suggestion was well received and she performed her latest single ‘Swimming on me’ that was released 18th November 2016.

Rainy’s vocals were flawless throughout her performance, although there were other signs that hinted at her youth. Rainy’s confidence swelled when she had ‘her girls’ (three extremely talented dancers) with her on stage. Together, the girls generated a presence that equaled the talent of Rainy’s vocals. All in all, this was a triumphant return for the southeast London girl. On chatting with her manager after the gig, she confirmed that Rainy will be circulating the area over the coming months and will be back at the Notting Hill Arts Club next year.