Review: Laura Zocca @ The Troubadour

The room is dark apart from a red glow on the stage gently filling the space. Laura steps out into this iconic venue to a warm reception. Dressed in a slick black outfit completed with a choker necklace, her presence is felt immediately. Tonight Laura is headlining the Troubadour’s singer song writer showcase, supported by Janos music and Charlotte Samady. Perched on top of a stool Laura begun her set with some of her older originals. For those of you who are yet to hear this London gem, her music is rooted in the traditions of singer song writing and country pop. Laura’s voice floats out through the venue, delicately bouncing off the curved walls. There is nothing forced about this musician. The simplicity in chord choice allow for Laura’s voice to shine above making runs that echo popular country music. It is clear that Laura is a natural story teller, her charisma lights up her face as she invites the audience to listen in to the tales she has to tell. Towards the end of the set she played her debut single released in 2015, Chasing Hearts (which you can check out bellow). With new music promised to be released soon, Laura is certainly one to watch for 2017.