Review: Hot Jazz Sundays at The Grape and Grain

Situated just off the triangle in Crystal Palace, The Grape and Grain offers a little Sunday afternoon comfort in the form ‘Hot Jazz Sundays’. The pub prides itself on delivering excellent live music, with free live Jazz on Sundays. With such an enticing offer Lepus decided to scout it out. Starting at 6pm rolling on until late, a group of talented jazz musicians grace the wooden floor boards in front of the bar. Last Sunday (5th February), an exceptionally talented quintet offered up a sumptuous session of Jazz standard classics. The horns delivered a lively variety of melodies over the warm driving rhythm section (comprising a double bass and drums). Of course this is not to disregard the fine guitar noodling, that often took centre stage in the melodies. The overall result was a warm soulful sound, with a light melody bouncing over the top. The Grape and Grain is due to be changing hands, so the fate of the ‘Hot Jazz Sundays’ is uncertain. I suggest hurrying down to swing along to classics, whilst the fate of this little Sunday gem is decided.