Review: TOBY. @ The Half Moon

Last Monday I ambled down to the Half Moon (Putney) in the hope of finding an undiscovered gem. Every Monday the Half Moon hosts an evening designed to showcase up and coming talent. Fortunately, my efforts to face the cold in search of the new and exciting were richly rewarded. As the clock edged towards 9pm, a tall man in his early twenties confidently took to the stage. TOBY. (Toby dot music) graduated from university last summer and has since returned to London to carve his way through the emerging singer songwriter scene. Accompanied by a talented electric guitarist the two musicians immediately captured the attention of the audience. Toby is not your average 20 something singer songwriter. His voice is full and soulful and makes for a wonderful immersive sound when combined with the detailed work from his guitarist. The set comprised solely of Toby’s originals. The duo certainly made an original sound. The delicate noodling and smooth chords produced a warm tone that transported you to a little jazz café somewhere deep in France. Overlying on top of this rich undertone were Toby’s lyrics. A gifted wordsmith, Toby uses his lyrics to address key issues in contemporary society. Toby traverses across poignant issues in sexuality and identity. The tone of voice is questioning and speaks directly to the audience. All in all, it was a real treat to listen to this talented duo that are not only producing an original sound, but are also raising questions that need to be answered.

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