Review: Quiet Boy at The Workshop, Hoxton

Last week Lepus Music caught a slice of the action down at The Workshop in Hoxton where we were lucky enough to experience a set by “Quiet Boy”. These guys have to be one of the most unique bands we have seen in a long time. This uniqueness starts off with their multi-instrumental set-up predominantly consisting of three keyboards, guitars, drums (with some neat samples) and a splash of fiddle for good measure. Couple this with some enrapturing stage-presence, great song writing, and a tightness analogous to a bodybuilder’s arse, we were left with a set not to forget.

quiet boy 1

Although for the first 30 seconds you could be forgiven for thinking you were watching a Jack Black impersonator, as front man Gaz proceeded to strum out some power chords and belt some “na na naa’s.” But when the Phat (with a capital P) bass synth came in with the rest of band we immediately knew these guys were legit.

The keyboard and guitar parts weaved together to create some wonderful soundscapes reminiscent of the cosmos, whilst heavy trip-hop like drums provided that powerful beat which tempted everyone to gyrate their hips in sync with front man Gaz. Throughout the set there was a great energy, everyone was on the cusp of going mental and losing their shiz….then at the end everyone did lose it with mic stands flying everywhere and the crowd absolutely loving it. However please don’t think Quiet Boy are just a one trick pony in the art of going nuts. They are truly talented musicians capable of smashing out harmonies that The Beach Boys would be proud of and writing songs that are still stuck in my head a week later. (You have been warned before you listen to Sundance).

quiet boy 2

Go and get the full experience yourself at their next gig on 7th April at Proud Camden. You will not regret it.

Author: Kinase

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