Review: Winter Mountain @ The Railway, Winchester

One song into the set I thought to myself….“Well these guys are frikin’ good…like… really good.” This thought continued throughout as I became completely absorbed in the musical sweetness that was happening onstage. And if you want to know who is responsible for this “frikin’ good musical sweetness,” the answer is folk rock artist Winter Mountain (Joe Francis).


The set started with Joe narrating a funny story about an encounter with a girl which didn’t really go to plan. However, fortunately for Joe he was able to write an absolute banger of an opening song from this experience which got the gig off to a flying start.

The set was super tight and included a handful of monumental (yet extremely tasteful) guitar solos which left the wannabee John Mayer’s in the audience awestruck. However, the epicentre of the show was Joe’s splendid vocal performance which was highlighted during a few intimate solo songs. He delivered a bluesy, soulful tone and incorporated some melisma that often ended on high notes that a mouse on helium would be proud to hit. When you couple this with amazing song writing you have a live performance which ticks all the boxes and creates new ones too. You are also left with about 12 songs stuck in your head as they are all really catchy (personal favourites being “Open Heart” and “Sunlight, Good Roads”).


If you want a live show that rocks and also provides some intimate bliss, go and see Winter Mountain. You can catch the London leg of their “I Swear I Flew” tour at Venue 299 on the 6th April.

Winter Mountain: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Author: Kinase


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