North London v South London – Who is producing the better music?

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Do you ever venture across the river? It’s always just a bit weird and undeniably worse than the other side isn’t it? Well no matter if you’re from North or South London there have been some cracking acts from both sides, so Lepus decided to address the age old question: Who’s producing the better music – North or South London?

Grime – Stormzy//Croydon v Skepta//Tottenham

It’s a heavy weight bout even bigger than Joshua v Klitschko to start off. Stormzy repping the South from Thornton Heath and Skepta the North from Tottenham. It has been a great year for Stormzy with his album “Gang Signs & Prayer” becoming the first grime album to reach UK number one. Pitted against him is Skepta, one of the pioneers of grime who has also had recent success with his album “Konnichiwa,” winning the Mercury Prize last year. However with Stomzy’s “Shut Up” going viral last Christmas and inspiring young kids all over the country to whip out their inner bad boy and some Adidas Original attire, Stomzy is the winner on this one.

Indie – Bastille//Putney v Bloc Party//Redbridge

Another tasty encounter featuring Lepus Music’s hometown boys Bastille (Wooo go Putney!). Bastille have had a serious number of catchy pop songs scoring high up the UK charts, for example “Rhythm of the Night” and “Pompeii” both hit number two. This paid diligence as their debut album “Bad Blood” became the biggest selling digital album of 2013. Up against them are the Indie Rockers Bloc Party who have had their fair share of bangers including “Flux” and “Helicopter.” However a few of their songs such as “Banquet” have become Indie classics that defined the mid-late noughties golden age for indie guitar music, so for us Bloc Party are the winners.

Classic Rock – Dire Straits//Deptford v The Who//Acton

Long before you were probably born, London was producing some of the finest rock acts the world has ever seen. “Who?” I hear you say…well obviously the Dire Straits. These guys wrote some truly magical songs such as “Romeo and Juliet” and “Sultans of Swing” which provided a welcomed contrast to the thrashing Punk music around that time. Their most successful album “Money for Nothing” has sold over 30 million copies and overall they have sold at least 100 million records worldwide. However, another decent London band has also sold over 100 million records. The Who were a mega band in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who epitomise everything that is rock. Songs such as “My Generation” and “Pinball Wizard” created a gateway for so many other avenues of rock, such as Punk, Heavy Metal and Brit Pop. This is a close one, but I think The Who edge this one for the fact they were some of the first rock stars who started going nuts and smashing equipment on stage, thus provoking the crowd to go equally nuts (see below).

Pop-Rock – Coldplay//Camden v Mumford and Sons//Wimbledon

Now we are coming “back to the start” with Coldplay v Mumford and Sons. Coldplay’s last couple of albums (“Ghost Stories” and “A Head Full of Dreams”) have received mixed reviews, however this hasn’t stopped them both hitting number one in the UK charts. Nonetheless, this is matched by Mumford and Son’s last two albums (“Babel” and “Wilder Mind”) that also hit number one. They can also boast that “Babel” is currently the fastest selling rock album of this decade. So in recent years, Mumford and Sons may have just clinched it. But if you factor in Coldplay’s sheer longevity and ability to mould their style to what is current I think they have to win. It is as if they were a simple Charmander which has now evolved into a massively powerful Charizard that will always sell tons of records no matter what the music is like.

Final Score

North London 3 : 1 South London

So there we have it….even though we are based in South London, the North Londoner’s won! Either way London has produced and still is producing some fine acts… we will just have to rig the results a bit better next time.

Author: Kinase


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