Review: Joshua Burnside @ Servant Jazz Quarters


Joshua Burnside 1

Last Thursday Lepus headed to a sold-out Servant Jazz Quarters to check Joshua Burnside’s launch party for his new album “EPHRATA.” Straight out of Northern Ireland, Joshua is unique folk artist whose experimental sound really pays dividends when playing live. This experimental tangent was evident as the set started with an atmospheric Lo-Fi speech which suddenly burst into life as the band came in, featuring weighty drums, funky trumpet, a tasty Fender six and Joshua’s effortlessly captivating vocals.


The set included some beautiful intimate moments including Joshua’s performance of “Bloodrive” and his “solo rendition” of the duet “Holllllogram.” This was perfectly contrasted with some seriously rocking and heavier songs such as “Tunnels Pt 2.” It was also nice to hear a political message beautifully crafted in the form of “Red and White Blues,” which Joshua described as….”Brexit but worse.”

Joshua Burnside 2.jpg

Politics aside, this is a seriously talented artist whose live show is a sheer joy to experience, both sonically, visually, and also to embrace a bit of dry Northern Irish humour. Go check out Joshua Burnside at the Great Escape Festival on the Outlook stage at 12:00pm, May 19th.

Joshua Burnside Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

Author: Kinase


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